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Guest Conductor, Performer
Commission a New Work
The Plunger Mute Brass Players of the Duke Ellington Orchestra
Setting the Trumpet Embouchure
Call and Response
Morphing Armstrong into Parker
Everything is I (unless its V)
Selecting Quality Jazz Ensemble Literature
Sustaining a Jazz Program with Limited Instrumentation
Technology And Music Education
9 Core Values for Effective Jazz Rehearsal
Factoring the Chromatic Scale
The 5 Questions a Composer Must Answer
Compose a New Work
Motivic Brainstorming
Compositional Form is Ratio of time.
Composing within a Serial Matrix
Structures from Integer Sequences
Limit Your Choices to Overcome Writer's Block
Composition lessons
The Math of Intonation
Independent Study Projects
Math and Music
Film Scoring
Composing for Strings
Creating Arrangements From Lead Sheets
Legends of Jazz
Chicago Song - Score and Parts Participant
‘Chicago Song’