NMEA Division IV Jazz Ensemble

Dear Directors and Students!

I am pretty excited about conducting this group. Everything I hear tends to point toward a QUALITY ensemble just chomping at the bit to play their hearts out!

I have created this resource page so that you can listen to and download important information about each piece.

For now, just listen to the chart. I will post more information soon. BUT if you have ANY questions feel free to email me a t tom@tomdavismusic.com

Ray GunListen!
Day is Done_1Listen!

Alto Sax - Theodore
Alto Sax - Charles
Tenor Sax -Richard
Tenor Sax - Dominic
Baritone Sax - Bradley
Trumpet - Julien
Trumpet - Andrew
Trumpet - Patricia
Trumpet - Robert
Trumpet - Louis
Trombone - Benjamin 
Trombone - Brian
Trombone - Eric
Trombone - Boyd
Piano - Eric
Bass - Alex
Drum Set - Glenn
Vibes - Zachary