Three Climates Of Man's Exisitence

The overall background of the piece is very interesting. A student of mine at Canandaigua Academy – Brad DaBoll-Lavoie (now an anthropology major at PITT and plays tuba in the marching band and concert band) did an independent study in my Music Perception and Analysis course. He had read a book that sought to described the differentiation the culture of man within the context of temperate zones around the world. In this project Brad wanted to see if music could be defined similarly within the context of climate.

To research this Brad looked at three clearly separate climates and analyzed / transcribed three pieces of folk music from 3 distinct temperate zones. As a control of sorts he also analyzed pieces from the modern world rock industry that was performed by bands that claimed to be from the cultures studied.

At the conclusion of the analysis and transcription process we worked together to write a 3 movement work that combined the elements of specific folk and contemporary rock songs from The Desert, The Plains, and, The Rain Forest. Brad served as consultant on stylistic and formal attributes critical to his study and I acted as orchestrator, arranger and musical consultant. Desert is complete at this time.

The current arrangement of Desert represents a more developed version of Brad’s original work and does not necessarily represent his exact intentions at the completion of the research project. I have, however enhanced and expanded the original work to be consistent with my values as an artist and educator. For example, I add modal development in the solo section, developed background and melodic motifs, and sought to shape the arrangement so that it communicated additional tension and release.

Brad also created a very informative power point presentation that describes his findings. That presentation will be posted soon.
3 Climates of Man's Existence
  I - Desert
3 Climates of Man's Existence
  II - Plains
3 Climates of Man's Existence
  III - Rainforest


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"Three Climates of Man’s Existence” is a multi-movement suite that combines the elements of world music with contemporary world rock counterparts. The first movement is Desert and has been commissioned by the Fairport High School Jazz Ensemble I under the direction of Bill Tiberio.