Jazz Festival Literature

August 09 New Works and ResourcesListen!

There are essential elements of music that define the Jazz Vocabulary. They are: the blues, a dance-like swing feel, improvisation, and a respect for the history and tradition of the music. Historically significant jazz composers have expanded this vocabulary through the creation of what I have labeled the “Great Works” of Jazz.

The compositions of Ellington, Mingus, Miles Davis, and Thelonius Monk are essential composers of the “Great Works” of Jazz.

Do jazz educators select literature that exposes students to the essential elements and literature of Jazz vocabulary, tradition and history?

Directors often choose music that imitates the elements of jazz however, they do not choose music that descends directly from the history and tradition of Jazz.

Analyze and categorize the musical elements of  all literature performed at a large JH Jazz Evaluation Festival April 2009 by Title, Composer, Arranger, Style, Tempo, Harmonic Form, and relationship to Jazz History.