Listen to: New Works 2006 Lake Songs CD

Chicago Song Advanced - Style: 3/4 ECM Groove
A musical “documentary” of a recent flight to Chicago. A hypnotic groove and a powerful shout simulate the sensations of riding on air.

Dit Dot Level: Medium Advanced- Style: Latin
An energetic Latin excursion with a loose reference to Morse code. Anyway…that’s the “long and the short of it!”

Earth Song Level: Easy - Style: 3/4 Rock
Written for younger bands. A confidence builder with powerful scoring and solid rhythm section parts.

Inspector 43 Level: Medium Advanced - Style: Medium Swing
A “spy-groove” swinger. Full of musical mystery and intrigue!

Lake Songs I – Swingin’ on a Swing in the Spring Level: Medium Advanced - Style: Up Tempo Swing
From the Lake Songs Suite – Give your band a chance to stretch out and explore some new modal territory.

Lake Songs II – Slopes and Dots Level: Medium - Style: Ballad
From the Lake Songs Suite. A beautiful ballad based on the hills of the Finger Lakes region of New York State

Lake Songs III – Ducks(sss!) Level: Medium Advanced - Style: Funk
From the Lake Songs Suite. This Funk chart has saxes making “foul” sounds in the intro.. Solid scoring and a great groove make this chart a real crowd pleaser. It has never failed to get the audience right where you want them!

Quiet Song Level: Medium Advanced - Style: Latin Rock
A delicate opening and an explosive ensemble section. Beautiful scoring and colorful harmonic content.

Spaces Level: Medium - Style: Ballad
This composition seems to come from some other harmonic “space”. It is hauntingly beautiful.

Vertigo Level: Medium Advanced - Style: Up Tempo Swing
The momentum of this piece is dizzying! An energetic swinger right to the very end.
New Works 2006 Chicago SongListen!
New Works 2006 Dit DotListen!
New Works 2006 Earth SongListen!
New Works 2006 Lake Songs 1 Swingin on a Swing in the SpringListen!
New Works 2006 Lake Songs 2 Slopes and DotsListen!
New Works 2006 Lake Songs 3 DuckssssListen!
New Works 2006 Inspector 43Listen!
New Works 2006 Quiet SongListen!
New Works 2006 SpacesListen!
New Works 2006 VertigoListen!

Bill Tiberio - Alto 1
Bryan Bricco - Alto 2
Mike Bomwell - Tenor 1
Chuck VanBuren - Tenor 2
Tom Indiano - Bari Sax

Daniel Wright - Trumpet 1
Mike Kaupa - Trumpet 2
Rick Holland - Trumpet 3
Nick Moses - Trumpet 4

Brian Zimmer - Trombone 1
Dave DeWitt - Trombone 2
Russell Scarbrough - Trombone 3
Paul Able - Bass Bone

Dave McGuire - Piano
Geoff Smith - Bass
Reagan Fletcher - Drums

Jon Belec - Recording Engineer
Dave Rivello - Producer
Tom Davis - Composer – Conductor