Listen to: New Works 2005

Pay Back Level: Medium Easy - Style: Swing
A moderately-easy medium tempo swinger with some modal colors. Options for trumpet and tenor solos.

Pier Rats Level: Medium - Style: "City Pier Funk "
An exotically funky tune. If Ellington were to write a rock chart - maybe he would write it like this?

Circuit Breaker Level: Medium Advanced - Style: Bop
A Thelonious "Monk-like" be-bop groove. Cross rhythms in the main theme and a persistent development section drive the excitement in this piece to the end.

Lullaby for Lucia Level: Medium - Style: Ballad
A colorful tenor ballad. Sometimes austere - sometimes exciting.

Island of Introspection Level: Easy - Style: Latin
Commissioned by the 2002-2003 New Trier High School Jazz Lab I, James Warrick, Director. Named for that special place in his office from which all creativity flows. This groove parallels a trip to that very special "island of introspection"

Exhilaration Level: Medium - Style: Rock
Commissioned by the 2003-2004 New York State All-State Jazz Ensemble. An "Eclectic" rock groove that rises to a feverishly exciting conclusion.

A Tale of Two Tonys Level: Medium Advanced - Style: Swing
A tongue-in-cheek medium tempo swing chart. Loaded with colorful harmony, creative counterpoint and puckish humor, this piece was originally written for a fiddle, bass, piano and two horns - there just might be a little bluegrass in the mix as well.

Ketu Song Level: Medium Advanced - Style: Brazilian Folk Song
Hand Claps, polyrhythms and a primitive Brazilian folk melody combine to create something new. There are some very fresh colors in this composition.

Sand Trap Level: Medium Advanced - Style: Funk
Golf or Gulf Hazard? The swing like funk groove evokes a Middle Eastern flavor.

Octave Deprivation Level: Medium Advanced - Style: Funk
A medium funk tune that doesn't let up. The tenor soloist has a big role in this one as it drives right to the end.

Ray Gun Level: Medium Advanced - Style: Swing (opener or closer!)
Commissioned by the 2004-2005 Livonia High School Jazz Ensemble. Driving opening counterpoint – Interesting

melodic rhythm and a killer drum solo ending make this chart a sure-fire concert closer!
Pier RatsListen!
Circuit BreakerListen!
Lullaby For LuciaListen!
Island of IntrospectionListen!
A Tale of Two TonysListen!
Ketu SongListen!
Sand TrapListen!
Octave DeprivationListen!
Ray GunListen!

Bill Tiberio - Alto 1
Tom Indiano - Alto 2
John Viavattine - Tenor 1
Bryan Bricco - Tenor 2
Chuck VanBuren - Bari Sax

Brian Shaw - Trumpet 1
Dan Wright - Trumpet 2
Nick Moses - Trumpet 3
Howard Rowe - Trumpet 4

Brian Zimmer - Trombone 1
Mark Hull - Trombone 2
Brian Coughlin - Trombone 3
Bob Kalwas - Bass Bone

Larry Neeck - Synthesizer
Greg Turner - Piano
Geoff Smith - Bass
Reagan Fletcher - Drums

Bob Potter - Recording Engineer
Dave Rivello - Producer
Tom Davis - Composer – Conductor