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Bristol Harbor
Level: 3 - Style: Jazz Rock Ballad
There is a beautiful view of Canandaigua Lake from Bristol Golf Course - just beautiful! This light rock ballad puts it into perspective for you!

Bucky's Romp
Level: 3- Style: Easy Swing
This one was for my new beagle puppy Bucky. Beagles are are all energy and are driven by their nose. If you could see him rooting around the yard you can understand this chart!

C.I.C. Samba
Level: 3- Style: Samba
This is an aggressive samba for bands of average ability. It's not too long and it is great for teaching style! The tune opens with a tenor and trumpet soli and has a bridge section with some great trombone punches. The title come from the "war cry" of my high school's newly appointed "female" administrator. - C.I.C.? ("Chicks In Charge!).

Hangin' with Chad
Level: 3- Style: Swing
Whether Dimpled, Hangin, Swingin' or "Tri-cornered" - they always say in Florida that you can COUNT on Chad! Here is a swinger for intermediate bands that YOUR BAND can count on - another great tune to teach style, rhythm, and the blues - this chart has an infectious melody and a swingin' shout!

Weird Blues
Level: 3- Style: Weird Swing
A diminished scale bass line and angular quarter note figures make this chart weird - really weird - but fun. Your band will eat this up and
you will get a chance to teach that elusive Louis Armstrong quarter note.feel! A great change of pace tune and a great teaching tune!

Looking For Color
Level: 3- Style: Light Latin
What a nice latin chart! A beautiful melodic line in the Alto Sax and Flugelhorn and easy supporting material make this a quick study for you band. Rated a level 3 - I think this chart plays down easier than that!

Moon Pillows
Level: 4 Style: Floating ECM Groove
In the style of the ECM (fusion-like) record label, this chart has a hypnotic groove established by the bass and supported by a tom- tom African drum beat. The melody begins with a soli for Flugelhorn, Tenor Sax and Trombone and develops into a unique unison shout. The solo changes are cyclical giving the impression that they never end! This piece is all about color.
Bristol Harbor
Bucky's RompListen!
C.I.C. Samba
Hangin' with Chad
Weird BluesListen!
Looking For Color
Moon PillowsListen!