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Limehouse Blues
Level: 2 Style: Bright Swing
This chart weaves plenty of creative contrapuntal ideas around this jazz standard. The shout chorus is particularly nice, with meaty parts for all sections. Solo space is for alto and tenor sax. An easier version of an exciting tune!.

Bang! Bang!
Level: 3 Style: Latin
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This was Carnival Cruise Lines theme for a few years - let the balloons fall and start the conga line - this is a great "party tune" for your jazz night!

Channel One Suite
Level: 5 Style: Burning70's Jazz-Rock Suite
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This one just keeps selling and selling - If you have the band - this is the ultimate adrenaline rush! Transcribed right frm the Roar of "74 Buddy Rich album. Alternate trumpet parts are provided that keep things from getting completely insane!

But Not For You
Level: 2 Style: Bright Swing
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I added some nice creative touches to this Gershwin classic! It's a solid, classic swinger spiced up with a contemporary style that really works.

Fascinating Rhythm
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Level: 3 Style: Bright Swing
Gershiwn is so intersting to arrange - You can almost use the original exactly as he wrote it because he was so full of interesting twists and turns. A rhythmic tongue twister for sure!

It Had To Be You
Level: 3 Style: Moderate Swing
Score Page 1
This chart is fun, colorful, and cool! A "monkish" tongue-in cheek two-beat flavor is added to the mix of this classic Johnny Mercer standard

James Bond Theme
Level: 3 Style: "Spy Rock"
Score Page 1
What Else can I say - Everybody loves this one!

Just You, Just Me
Level: 3 Style: Swing
I really love this treatment of this standard. The setting is from a Thelonious Moonk performance of this tune (Solo Monk album). It provides some very interesting interplay between the sections of the band.

Red Baron
Level: 1 Style: Bright Rock
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If you loved Linus and Lucy you will really dig this Vince Guaraldi favorite! This is Snoopy's "Sopwith Camel" fight Song!.

Linus and Lucy
Level: 1 Style: "Lucy Latin"
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This is THE classic Charlie Brown theme song. Although this tune has a "pop-ish" association, the solo section is pure blues!. Check out Wynton Marsalis' "Joe Cool Blues" CD and you will get the point. This is cool.... very cool!.

Rockin' in Rhythm
Level: 3 Style: Swing
An Ellington classic! This arrangement borrows from Duke to create a new view of this swinging Ellington favorite.

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay
Level: 3 Style: Contemporary Rock
You really have to hear this one to believe it! Who would have thought that this would work as well as it does. I took some great Ideas from a version that the New World Saxophone Quartet recorded and infused this arrangement with that type of grit. Very cool.

Saint James Infirmary
Level: 3 Style: Slow "Stripper" Swing
Score Page 1
Kenton's Band used to do a version of this. It begins with a very nasty trombone "shouting" statement - settles into a floating "aleatoric" fog of jazz history past - and rips into a very powerful slow swing "stripper" section. It will take about 5 minutes for the dust to clear after the last down beat!

Knock it Off!
Level: 1 Style: Swing
Score Page 1
How many times have you wanted to say that to your band!?! Some well placed percussion gives you the chance.

Test Drive
Level: 1 Style: Swing
Another nice and easy rock tune for your young band - take it for a ride - you'll like it!

The Entertainer
Level: 3 Style: Bright Swing
This treatment of the Scott Joplin Tune is a real Flag Waver! I programmed this with the NYS All-State Band when we played for the NYS Legislature in Albany, NY! The crowd loved it!

Theme from Shaft
Level: 2 Style: Rock
Score Page 1
I grew up on a study score of the music from this original movie - When given the chance I just had to arrange this one - I could not believe that kids love it to! They even know the words ("Bad...)

Limehouse Blues
Level: 3+ Style: Burning Fast Swing
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Bang! Bang!
Channel One SuiteListen!
But Not For MeListen!
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James Bond ThemeListen!
Just You, Just MeListen!
Red BaronListen!
Right Back at 'YaListen!
Linus and LucyListen!
Over the RainbowListen!
Rockin' in RhythmListen!
Sittin' on the Dock of the BayListen!
Saint James InfirmaryListen!
Knock it Off!
Test DriveListen!
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Theme from ShaftListen!
Limehouse Blues (Easy)Listen!