Listen to: Heritage Jazz Works (Legacy)

Train Reaction
Level: Easy Style: "Spy Rock"
In the middle of the night this guy gets on the train with some heavy metal rock music blaring out of his headphones ... well - this is his story...

Time Lock!
Level:Easy Style: Rock
Great contemporary rock style! A little distortion on the guitar and some synth action and this works for all levels.

Five Foot Two, Eyes are Blue
Level: Very Easy Style: Bright Swing
A nice treatment of an old Dixieland tune. Play this a little faster than the demo recording and you will have a very energetic chart!

Run For Cover
Level: Medium Easy Style: Bright Swing
Based on a pedal-point, this chart opens with a simple sax soli. As it develops, it trades blues licks between the reeds and the brass. A "Krupa-like" drum break after the solo section pushes the excitement to the limit until a key change at the coda drives the "point" home!

Loose Gravel
Level: Easy Style: Funk
Your band will get a kick out of performing this gritty funk chart! There's lots of rhythmic vitality, yet the figures are easy enough for confident playing, even for the rhythm section. A solid funk chart like this has a place in every developing jazz ensemble's library.

Level: Medium Easy Style: Jazz Ballad
This contemporary jazz ballad is a beautiful showcase for your entire ensemble. It's a captivating piece that offers a broad spectrum of tonal colors and dramatic harmonies. The interplay between phrases is a nice touch too.

Level: 4 Style: Up-Tempo Swing
This one really fits the bill for your festival and contest program needs. Tom offers a contemporary swing chart loaded with unique harmonies and angular melodies that add up to a completely fresh-sounding chart.

Baya Dance
Level: 3 Style: Jazz-Rock/Island Feel
With a bright, carefree feel of the islands, this contemporary jazz-rock chart makes a fine addition to any program, and should come together
quite easily. This one feels as comfortable as relaxing in a hammock under the palm trees.

Down By the Riverside
Level: 2 Style: Funky Swing
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Don't get caught too close to the banks of this river 'cause its just as slippery and sloppy as can be! This will be a favorite of your young musicians - and older students will find it great fun too! There are so many opportunities to inject personality into this tune - its a blast!

St. Louis Blues
Level: 3 Style: Eclectic Swing
Talk about a re-make of an old tune! You have to hear this groove to believe it! Opening with a Gene Krupa-like drum part it evolves into a powerful minor shout". even though there are many unexpected twists and turns, you always know you are in St. Louis. The development section casts a "cloud of historical mystery" over a W.C. Handy piano interlude while the chart lifts off once again - shouting it way home! A killer contest chart!
Train ReactionListen!
Time LockListen!
Five Foot Two, Eyes Are BlueListen!
Run For CoverListen!
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Baya DanceListen!
Down By the RiversideListen!
St. Louis BluesListen!